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As a team of customer focused scientists, The Water Lab team will ring you back and help you with your query as soon as possible or pick up the phone and give us a call to get your answers quickly.

As a fully Irish owned Water Laboratory your supporting Irish jobs so its in our interest to deliver first class customer service.

The Wtaer Lab team specialise in providing independent hydrostatic pressure testing and analysis for the water industry in Ireland and for Irish Water. We provide skilled and experienced engineers who can provide guidance on the correct testing procedure, equipment use and up to date industry test standards (IGN 4-01-03) to ensure your pressure tests are carried out correctly, safely and accurately with minimal disruption.

Pressure Testing & Certification to IGN and BS Standards

Analysis of the pressure data in accordance with IGN 4-01-03 and assembling of formal test reports containing complete details of tests including Pass or Fail Results will be completed in 24hours once data is collected.

Pipe Types & Testing Standards

Pressure Testing of all plastic pipe materials such as PE and PVC Water main need to be completed using calibrated test gauges and pressure data loggers. Loggers record the pressure losses as the pipe structure relaxes and provides the pressure decay data required to carry out analysis of pipe soundness in accordance with IGN 4-01-03 Steel, Ductile Iron, Cast Iron & GRP

Pressure Testing of metal pipework is completed using the Water Loss/Water Added Test and correlated against Allowable Leakage Rates allowed under IGN 4-01-03.

Analysis is carried out in accordance with the Water Industry Information & Guidance Notes IGN 4-01-03 The document is entitled “Pressure Testing Of Pressure Pipes and Fittings For Use By Public Water Suppliers” it includes details of test methods for the various pipe materials. It is used by pipe contractors and testing companies and is the standard used in procurement specifications by many water companies.

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