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Water Analysis

Drinking Water

The supply of drinking water can come from many sources, either treated or untreated. The majority of the population living in urban areas are supplied by mains water which has been treated by the local authority, while the majority of population living in rural areas are supplied by either a private group water scheme or their own private well supply. If you have your own well water supply, it maybe contaminated with E.coli from animal or human sewage.

Mains Water:

This water is supplied by the local authority who treat the water to meet European standards. The standards are set out in the S.I. No 122 of 2014 European Union Drinking Water Regulations. The Irish government have decided after much deliberation to introduce water charges from 2014 onwards. Due to this decision, water will be now seen as more of a commodity for the average person. As we will all now be paying for the supply of water into our homes, it is vital that we are getting a quality product.

Group Water

The water comes from either public or private group water schemes. Either way, these tend to be on a much smaller scale than the mains water supplies are more susceptible to interruptions. These interruptions can be either electrical, mechanical or due to issues like turbid raw water. When there interruptions, the quality of the treated water can diminish rapidly and it is vital that persons affected are satisfied with the quality of the water before they can resume drinking it.

Private Well

Many persons living in one off rural dwellings tend to benefit from the various aquifers beneath the earth’s surface. Sometimes the quality of this water can vary and can deteriorate due to damage to the well lining or contamination from agricultural run-off. If these issues occur, different types of bacteria can enter the water supply and can pose health threats to the consumer. It is advised that private well supplies are analysed annually to ensure the continued quality

You can trust in The Water Lab to test your water to the highest specification. We can both sample and analyse your water sample for many parameters, both chemical and microbiological. Contact us today and let one of our water specialists assist you with your queries.

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