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Water Analysis

Bergerhoff Dust

Bergerhoff Dust Monitoring is carried out at many EPA facilities around the country. These would include waste licenced facilities, IPPC licenced facilites and also during the construction works of large scale infrastructure projects.

A bergerhoff dust jar and stand has to comply with the criteria as set out in the German standard VDI 2119. This sandard includes details of the stand height, the opening of the jar width etc. The monitoring involves leaving the jar outside in a fixed location for a period of 30 days, which during this time any airborne particles are depositied into the jar along with rainfall. After the 30 days, the jars are removed and brought back to the laboratory. Here the samples are analysed using gravimetric and evaporative means to give a final result. This result is expressed as mg/m2/day.

The limit as set out in many EPA licences is 350mg/m2/day.

We also carry out directional dust monitoring based using our sticky pad adaptors where we can provide all the necessary equipment to give a reading based on a defined period.

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