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Chemical Troubleshooting

If you are having chemical problems with water or wastewater, then The Water Lab is here to help you out. We are experts in all areas of coagulation, flocculation, separation etc. when dealing with water and wastewater treatment.

We can also advise on polymer selection for sludge process commissioning on drum thickeners, centrifuges and picket fence thickeners.

We have many years experience in the commissioning and operation of these processes using various strengths of anionic/cationic polymers, liquid poly, powder poly, pH adjustment etc.

We operate independently to the chemical supply company and will deliver an in depth report to the client on the most economic polymers to use so as to achieve drier sludge, cleaner centrate while all the time keeping running costs at a minimum.

Contact us for an independent solution to a difficult problem. We cut through the nonsense to deliver a sensible solution.

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