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Biological Troubleshooting

If you are having any problems with biological or process issues with water or wastewater treatment, then contact us to help you remedy the situation.

We can carry out a range of different studies using SVI, MLSS, VFA, F:M ratios and oxygen measurement to determine the root cause of you problem.

Typical problems such as low oxygen levels, pH adjustment, low/high nutrient levels, high fats oils and grease can cause major problems when trying to treat wastewater.

We can examine your bacteria under the microscope to ensure you have the correct mix of nitrifying and denitrifying bugs.

If there are any areas where we feel there is a weakness in your system, we will create the conditions to solve this problem.

We can arrange a Talk Through Investigation initially and then put about in solving your problem in the correct manner. Contact us and we can discuss whether it is worth investigating further.

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