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Sampling and Collection

Sampling and Collection

Wherever water flows, The Water Lab will go. Seriously, we offer a refrigerated nationwide collection service to ensure the integrity of samples. Our sampling engineers are well experienced in the sampling of different types of waters even from rivers, seas, septic tanks and domestic taps. All our vans carry the correct sampling equipement including sampling rods, manhole lifters, bailers, preserved sample bottles etc.

We also have been using composite samplers such as ISCO and Hach for a long time so we have the ability to program and operate these also should you wish for us to take the samples using this equipment. We also carry spare tubing etc so if there is breakdown, we should be able to get it back operating.

Just let us know your requirements through our form on contact us or alternatively e-mail or easiest of all, pick up the phone, its good to talk. 01-6275656.

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