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Blessington Flow & Load Survey

The Water Lab was commissioned by Wicklow Co Co to carry out a flow and load survey at 5 different locations around the town of Blessington, Co Wicklow. The survey involved installation and commissioning of area velocity meters within the sewer network with pipe sizes ranging from 150mm to 450mm. This installation involved the use of a tripod and winch along with continuous gas monitoring to ensure all the safety issues on site were addressed. Once the equipment was in place, all flow data was uploaded to a remote server every 5 minutes to provide flow graphs to the client. The Water Lab would return to site every morning to remove the composite samplers from the manholes, take the 24 hour composite samples and return them to the lab for further analysis.

The analysis completed on the samples were



Suspended Solids



Total Kjedhahl Nitrogen

Total Phosphorous



Heavy Metals


Fats Oils and Grease

Sampling Engineers continued to visit the 5 locations over a period of 14 days including Saturday and Sunday to ensure that there was at least one storm event during the period.

After the flow and load survey was complete, all analysis results and flow data was formatted and structured in a report that the client was satisfied with.

A project of this size shows that The Water Lab can be depended upon to carry out full detailed surveys over weekends and during inclement weather. We aim to give the client the correct information that they require even if it means going that extra bit further.

Contact us if you wish to organize a flow and load survey.

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