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Dublin Apartment Complex Chlorination

When we first got the call, the client was in a panic. They were about to launch their brand new apartment complex but didn’t have water to give the purchasers. They needed to chlorinate the new water mains asap. This was a Thursday evening. They called The Water Lab, and after listening to panic in their voices, we set about in resolving the issue.

We arranged to meet the client on site. After getting exact dimensions of their pipeline including width and length, we calculated the exact dose of chlorine to be added to ensure a residual chlorine level of 10mg/l after 24 hours. We dosed the chlorine at the beginning of the pipeline to guarantee a mix of the mains water and chlorine product. This was now Friday lunchtime.

We left the chlorine in the pipe for the required 24 hour period only to return on Saturday lunchtime. When we arrived back on site on Saturday, we tested the water from the furthest point from the mains connection. We achieved our minimum 10mg/l chlorine residual.

We then set about emptying the new line and neutralising the heavily concentrated chlorine within it. This ensured there would be no adverse effect to the environment. We then refilled the line with fresh mains water. This was then tested for chlorine residual on site and we also took samples back to the laboratory for microbiological analysis.

These samples were incubated on Saturday afternoon for a period of 24 hours.

The Water Lab staff then returned to the laboratory on Sunday afternoon to read of the bacteria count.

The agar plates were clear of bacteria.

We validated the results and issued the results by both email on Sunday evening to the client.

The client then issued the results to the local authority on Sunday and the new mains pipe was given to go ahead to be connected first thing Monday morning.

A satisfied Water Lab, client, local authority and purchasers.

This project shows the way in which The Water Lab will endeavour to satisfy our customers requirements.

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